Crown ear warmers

Ear warmers for everyone ❣️so I’m making a bunch of crown ear warmers. Pattern is from Crochet For You by Erangi Udeshika

I made 3 sizes. I love how the medium turned out. Thinking about donating some to #clarkcountyquilters silent auction on Feb. 7 in Vancouver, Washington.


Princess Boots

Made my granddaughter slippers

The Princess and her Frozen 👧 boots. I had to try and make it smaller & even smaller. I’m making a pair for all the grandkids #yarnspirations #crochetforyou #5minutesnowflake #makerslife #crochetofinstagram #princessboots @yarnspirations @erangi.crochetforyou


End of 2018

I haven’t been posting much. Instagram used to post here for me but since an update that doesn’t happen. So I’m trying to remember but that doesn’t happen either. Lol I had foot surgery in September and now PT so I’m busy learning how to walk again. So here are some crochet projects from this year.