Special crochet hook/spindle made for me

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I’ll do what I do best

I was trying to buy&use some Younique Facecare & makeup. But I couldn’t keep up with sales. So I will just do what I do best. 😊

I sew, quilt, crochet, Tunisian, Embroidery, Needlepoint, counted crossstitch. I mostly make stuff for my grandkids. I have at least 20 that call me Grama. I love to teach classes. I like to teach for free but I do them far away so I charge $5 – $10 a class. I love to show people how to use their new sewing machines. I used to do this class in Jan-Feb. But it’s very disheartening to try to find a place to teach. Places want to charge $50 to rent a small room at a community center. That would be ok if I had 20 students. I like to keep it to 6 students and about 2-4 hours long. A few of my quilt shop friends let me use their shops & that was Great❣️

So lately I’ve been posting my projects everywhere, so I thought I would try doing a blog again. I did a blog a few years ago for my sewing & my classes. So here are some of my projects:

Pattern is from Ravelry, I made some changes to make it a bit bigger. I am also making Lakeside socks to go with it. 

(# 76 Häkeljacke Fauna by Lana Grossa)